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Katy Fegan and the Curragh Of Kildare

My Inbox held a special treat - news of the new album by a special Voice in my life - Kevin Rowland. 
I've been listening to the Dexy's marvellous music for years apart from an interlude with cassette tapes of Play School and Peter Coombe!  for my daughter's pre-school education. Now for my grandson's musical edification I play 'C'mon Eileen' to show the kind of place I came from  - hanging out at the corner shop!

I'm revived by my Muse; K.R.'s vocal instrument gets me into gear with writing novel scenes about my young Roundhead/Red-coated lovers - working title, "Love in an English Republic". 

Nothing like some aural passion as high and pure as the Puritans were aiming for with Biblical Scripture. So glad Kev survived the drug abuse didn't lose his blessed biological asset!

"Take Me Home Again Kathleen" is Mum's favourite because of her name, but after finally …