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Born in America 1907, W.H. Auden grew up in Solihull, Birmingham, son of a Doctor.

Born on High St. Selly Oak,1902, Albert Higgins, son of a Sand-blaster at Ariel Cycle Works who died of T.B.(28yrs), when his sons were 3 and 1year old.

Though he had no Union ticket...Auntie said 
Grandad was no ordinary worker, some kind of
Mechanical Engineer, grateful to Herbert Austin's
Drive, energy and inventiveness.

Edwardian progress presented scholarship 
For smart working-class boys but
Grammar school was a long way on the bus,
Didn't suit...

Best bet, an Apprenticeship at a Factory
For gifted sons good at running numbers in their
Heads, in note-books, brothers in tandem 
Betting shops and an active membership
Of the Conservative Party, Selly Oak branch.

Can't tell what he believed, because 
Of Parkinson's Disease; short shuffles, shakes,
Tremor and Tea spilling into his saucer, 
But that didn't prevent him teaching us 
Grandkids draughts.

Than todays, so he shuffled around the house and play…