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The ART of WRITING and READING Historical Text with an Untrained Eye.

Before Doctors could print out prescriptions from the computer they were renowned for their illegible writing, so the Pharmacist would phone for clarity.
Clergy-men had a similar issue in recording the administrations of the parish, some had beautiful script and others, like this Preacher of Saint Giles without Cripplegate (outside the London Wall).
Like the Pharmacist regular reading helps one to decipher the odd run of words and get the general gist of it all.
Any geneologist/historian wants correct translation for the facts of people and the places where they live.

As I am creating an historical novel from these documents - a legacy to future generations, I would appreciate any help in deciphering!
                       I want to find out what it was like growing up for my great grandparents x 12 generations ago.

The Royal Couple - King Charles 1 & Queen Henrietta Marie

I have written out the parts I think I've deciphered - can you help? Please.

It is 2nd ........1631. This day a…