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It was the worst winter, and I didn't want to leave the womb and then The Beatles cheered everybody up! Top 5 in UK charts 1963. 1963 My Mum and me could have been listening to the Beatles number one hit on Radio BBC as she washed and hung out the nappies. 
The Liverpool lads headed for the bright lights of SOHO, London, with their first official photographer, Dez Hoffman.
This is RUPERT COURT - and I have discovered Mum's grandfather was born at No.6 - Son of a Tailor Journeyman.
(The Australian ex-pat Labor Party meets at the Blue Posts behind the Beatle heads!)
Maintaining the passion for democratic socialist principles but I think I may be the odd one out amongst my kin, even though the rise and riots of the Labour movement was around them.

1893. Connecting Wardour Street Soho to Rupert Street is Rupert Court.
Soho - a district of the West End of London was infamous in the nineteenth century for every vice and legal pleasure with it's bars, brothels and theatres. It's cu…