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JULIE: What's In a Name, Grandmother? That which we call PAT by any other name would be as Celtic and Catholic!

AUGUST 1939 My mother is growing in the womb of a wee Scottish lass, turned 20years and recently arrived in the 'big smoke' of Ladywood, Birmingham in the West Midlands of England. 
I never realised Nan was Scottish - she had lost her accent, but not her faith into what she was indoctrinated. So she left the Heather behind to join  the "Little Rome" of Ladywood. 

Grandmother is independent for the first time. Free from being a Ward of the State under the boarding out system, she truly has started her adult life by grabbing the opportunity to earn good money for dangerous work.
She works up to 12 hour days Metal Pressing in Munitions. A vastly different world to the Scottish Highlands she has come from. 
From documents Kathleen is in a single women's hostel in Monument Rd. The Palais de Danse and loads of pubs are in the same street. There is the cinema and the swimming baths, and trams going into the city. 
For all the preaching of the sanctity of life the punitive tre…