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The Glasgow my maternal grandmother Kathleen Clarke was born
 into, was an inner-city tenement teaming with paupers. Her parents had migrated from the slums and chaos of  civil war in Dublin.
Like most people who move, their search of  better work opportunities, was for a better standard of living for them and their children.

That three of my Great Grandmother Christina's babies survived in an overcrowded tenement with poor sanitation, in a city where infant mortality was tragically high, makes her a heroine in my view.
Finally in the winter of 1923 she succumbed to the stress, disease and malnutrition aged 28years with brief rest and clean sheets before death.

In those years in Glasgow  there was also political struggle and a clash of ideologies which wanted to determine the future for Glasgow's population.where many were still affected by war and unemployment.

Whilst the "Red Clydeside" activists contested their religious and political promises in the public arena,…