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In 1955, the Administrator of Father Hudson's Homes at Coleshill, received a letter from the birth mother of a child migrant sent to Australia in 1950 - an expedient and cheap policy of Government and Churches to empty the orphanages for hundreds of years.
 The woman's child Kathleen junior was now 14 years of age, and wouldn't know her mother existed.As recent Commonwealth reports have revealed, children were told their parents were dead, or dumped them and they were little bastards who nobody wanted.
Mrs Frackowiak nee Clarke was requesting her  illegitimate child's address...
Nan would have been married and pregnant this time - and there was no sin or shame to this one, but she would have felt nervous going to see Father Flint. 
For the first time in her 35 years Kathleen must have felt secure - being married. It was bold of her to travel up to the complex of Catholic social welfare institutions. Must have been intimidating, though I suspect she had a sense of liberation…